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Which fonts are UK road legal?

The only legal fonts in the UK are:

UK Legal
UK Legal 3D
UK Legal Carbon GEL RESIN
UK Legal Black GEL RESIN
UK Legal Motorcycle

Which badges are UK road legal?

The Badges that are road legal are the Country Badges eg:

GB Euro Stars
Union Jack 1
Union Jack 2
Wales 1
Wales 2
England 1
England 2
Scotland 1
Scotland 2
Isle of Man 1
Isle of Man 2
Ireland 1
Ireland 2
Northern Ireland 1
Northern Ireland 2

Are borders legal?

Yes all borders on number plates are legal.

How should i space my registration?

To be legal you should only add one space in your registration. We have created some examples on our legal page of some legally spaced registrations and illegally spaced registrations to give you an idea of how to space your number plates. The space should be in the correct location, please refer you your V5 log book if you are unsure as registrations are spaced legally in your V5 Log book. Please click here for the legal guidelines

Will you space my number plates with the spacing i enter on the designer?

Yes, we will make your number plates with the exact spacing you enter online.

Do your number plates contain manufacturer details and a postcode at the bottom of the plates?

As standard our number plates will contain manufacturer details or writing at the bottom right of the number plates. We do offer the option for you to remove this text at the bottom of the number plates which you can do on our designer by choosing No in the Legal Details drop down box, but unless you do so the number plates will contain manufacturer details.

Do you add the BS (British Standard) number to number plates as standard?

Yes, as standard we do add the BS (British Standard) number to your number plates, our number plates meet all of the British Standards, but if you do not require these details you can deselect this option by selecting No on the Legal Details drop down box on the designer.

What is the difference between number plates and show plates?

Number plates are good quality and can be used on the road where as show plates are for off-road use only. Show plates are usually made of inferior quality products compared to number plates. We only offer quality number plates.

Are your number plates reflective?

Yes all of our number plates are fully reflective on both front and rear plates and meet all of the guidelines. We use the best quality German sourced reflective.

Can i add my own badge to my number plates?

Yes, on the designer simply select the Send Badge via Email option under the badge drop down menu. Then simply place your order online, and once the order is complete, you will receive an email receipt. Then simply email us your badge by replying to the email receipt with the badge. A designer will contact you within 24-48 hours with the design for you to approve / amend as necessary. Please note that Send Badge via Email orders do not fall under the same day dispatch and next day delivery methods due to the fact that design and approval is required for each order to ensure you are happy with the design.

How long does my order take to arrive and how much is postage?

Please see below the delivery options that we offer on our website.

UK & Ireland Cost Estimated Arrival Time
FREE Next Working Day £0.00 (Only valid on orders over £100)
Next Working Day £9.99 Next Working Day
2-3 Working Day £7.99 2-3 Working Days
3-5 Working Day £6.99 3-5 Working Days

Europe & Worldwide Cost Estimated Arrival Time
Europe £19.99 3-5 Working Days
Worldwide £39.99 4-8 Working Days

What time is the cut off period for same day dispatch?

All orders before 12pm will be dispatched the same day.

Does the postage increase if i order more number plates?

No. We have the same postage prices, so no matter what you order, postage prices will always be the same.

How can i pay for my order?

You can pay for your order via Credit or Debit card online. We accept the following Credit or Debit cards:

MasterCard, Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard Debit, Visa Debit.

Do you accept PayPal?

I am afraid that we do not accept PayPal as a payment method.

Do you offer a discount for large/bulk orders or regular orders?

Yes we do. Orders that are £200 + we will happily offer a discount. Also if you place 10 or more orders a month we can also offer a discount. Please note that this may not be available if we have an offer on at the time.

Can i cancel or amend my order once it has been placed?

No i am afraid we are unable to cancel orders once they have been placed. This is because the products that we sell are made bespoke and specifically for you and your registration, and there for cannot be returned and sold to anyone else. We also start working on your order immediately after it has been placed so again its not possible to cancel orders.

Do you offer refunds?

I am afraid we do not offer refunds for number plates are they are bespoke and personalised and as such do not fall under the distance selling regulations. We will always happily offer refunds on accessories and fixings and other goods that are not bespoke and that can be resold.

How will my number plates be packaged?

Your number plates will be sent in custom made boxes that have been specifically made for us to ensure your number plates are not damaged in transit. Larger orders and larger sized plates will be manually wrapped by our dispatch team in cardboard to ensure further security from being damaged in transit.

Im ordering my plates as a gift, is the outer packaging plain?

Yes, the outer packaging is generic and plain but we do sometimes use a brown tape which has our name on it. If you require a plain package please contact us after the order is placed and we can use plain tape.

What material are your number plates made off?

Our number plates are made out of Acrylic and our reflective is the best quality reflective sourced from Germany.

Do you offer custom shaped rear number plates?

Yes this is something we specalise in. Certain vehicles such as the Aston Martin DB9, Aston Martin Vanquish, Rover 75/MG ZT, Jaguar X and S Type, Jaguar XJ, Range Rover Sport etc have custom rounded and shaped rear number plates. The standard 520 x 111mm size will fit fine and the majority of customers are happy with this size but we offer all types of custom shaped rear plates for all these vehicles, so if you are looking for a more snug custom fit then please click the shaped plates link at the top of the page, these plates can be found on the designer under the rear size drop down menu.

Do you offer the translucent TVR Rear number plates?

Yes we do, you can order these online on our designer they are under the rear size drop down menu.

Do you offer number plate surrounds / frames / holders?

Yes we do, these can be added and ordered in the checkout process

Can i see previews of my plates before buying?

Yes as standard our online designer will show you the exact previews before purchasing.

I cannot find what i am looking for on your designer, can you design me something custom?

Yes, if there is something that you cannot do on our designer and you need specific requirements, please email us with your requirements and we will come back with a price and specification.

On the designer your plates have shaded and lighter bits on the left and top of the plates, will they come like this?

No. Your plates will be the same colour throughout, this is merely done on the designer for appearance.

Do you make number plates for motor bikes and import cars etc?

Yes we have one of the largest selections of plates and offer a number of sizes which are suitable for bikes, cars, vans, trucks, trailers, caravans and much more. We also offer the legal motorcycle font.

What size are my number plates?

99% of the time your number plates will be the standard oblong size being 20.5" x 4.4" (520mm x 111mm), but some import cars, 4x4 vehicles, and also motor bikes have different size plates so we always suggest measuring before ordering to be certain. All of the sizes we offer are on our designer page. Please note we will not take responsibility if you order the wrong size.

Do you make black or silver vintage metal number plates?

Yes we do. You can order these on the designer, by selecting the "VINTAGE METAL" button.

Do you make white and yellow pressed metal number plates?

Yes we do. You can order these on the designer, by selecting the "PRESSED METAL" button

Can i order more than 1 or 2 number plates from your website?

Yes you can order as many number plates as you would like. On our designer you have the option to choose the quantity you would like for front and rear and this will adjust the price for you. Also after you have added that order to your cart you can add more number plates, and so on until you wish to checkout and place your order.

Can i order a set of plates and have the front plate a different design to the rear plate?

Yes you can do this by designing the front plate how you like on the designer, and choose for the Qty for rear as 0. Then add the front plate to your cart. And then click the add more plates button and do the same but choose the Qty for front 0 and design your rear plate how you like. This way you can receive a front and rear plate with separate designs by simply just adding the front and rear plate separately.

Can i order just a single plate?

Yes you can, simply change the qty for rear or front to 0 which will in turn give you a single plate.

Do your number plates come with any guarantee?

Yes all number plates come with 12 months guarantee. If you have issues please just email us some photos and we will send them to our quality team for inspection.

How long will my number plates last?

Our number plates will last anywhere from 3-5 years +.

Do you pre drill number plates before sending?

No we do not pre drill number plates as the holes are never in the same place on any vehicle. We recommend that you either use our sticky pads which are very strong, only cost £2.49 for a kit and this way you do not have to drill your number plates.

If you do need to drill your number plates we highly suggest reading through our fitting page which has all the relevant guides and information on how to drill your number plates correctly.

How many fixing kits will i need to fit my number plates?

We recommend one sticky pad kit per number plate. This will give you 6 sticky pads per plate and each sticky pad kit costs £2.49. One screw kit costs £2.49 and will be sufficient for 1 number plate as you will receive 4 screws and 6 screw holders (2 white, 2 black, and 2 yellow). We also offer a bulk fixing kit for £5.99 which includes 2 sticky pad kits and 2 screw kits which is extremely good value for money. Please click here for more information on accessories and fitting.

Do you sell registration numbers or personalised number plates?

No we do not. Some people do get confused with this. We only manufacturer the number plates from high quality plastic, we do not offer cherished or personalised number plates. You will need to go to the DVLA for these.

Can i order accessories through your website without ordering number plates?

Yes of course please just click on the link here.

Remember if you have any other questions please do not hesitate to contact us

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