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Number Plate Legal Guidelines:

Below are the guidelines on how to design your number plates legally. We manufacture your number plates exactly as you design them on our designer, the below gives you the legal guidelines and we leave it up to you.

Please note these guidelines are only relevant for road legal plates, these guidelines do not apply to off-road plates/signs/gifts etc.

How do i space my registration legally?

To be legal you should only add one space in your registration. We have created some examples below of some legally spaced registrations and illegally spaced registrations to give you an idea of how to space your number plates. The space should be in the correct location as per below, please refer to your V5 log book, previous number plates or contact us if you are unsure. Please note spacing is only relevant for road legal plates. The designer will also warn you if no spacing is added.

road legal number plates legal design
legal number plates non legal design
number plates non legal design
number plate legaility non legal design


There are 5 road legal fonts in the UK. Please note that the UK Legal Motorcycle font is only legal for motorcycles and scooters.

UK Legal
UK Legal 3D
UK Legal Carbon GEL RESIN
UK Legal Black GEL RESIN
UK Legal Motorcycle


The badges which are legal in the UK are the country badges as follows:

GB Euro Stars
Union Jack 1
Union Jack 2
Wales 1
Wales 2
England 1
England 2
Scotland 1
Scotland 2
Isle of Man 1
Isle of Man 2
Ireland 1
Ireland 2
Northern Ireland 1
Northern Ireland 2

Legal Detail Requirement:

All road legal plates are required to show the manufactures name, postcode and british kite mark. All you will need to do is simply select Yes on the the Legal Details drop down box on the designer. It adds the necessary details in small lettering to the bottom right hand corner of your number plates as show below:

PFC Dublin 22 BSAU 145d


Footers are not road legal.


All borders are road legal.

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