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Why Choose Us?

Its a good question, and something that as company we are proud to answer. There are lots of number plate manufacturers out there, so which one will you choose? How do you know the number plates you purchase will last and be of a good quality? How do you know you wont get ripped off? How do you know your not just dealing with a teenager making number plates out of his bedroom? Well rest assure, with Plates for Cars you are dealing with one of europe's leading number plate suppliers who's core product and focus is number plates. We have fine tuned the art of making a number plate, and as they say, practice makes perfect, we have over 15 years experience.

Here are ten reasons why you should choose Plates for Cars...


It is something that has been paramount since day one. Only the very best quality, if it isn't good enough...remake it. All goods are quality controlled and sourced from the best suppliers within the EU.

Customer Service

A dedicated customer service support team to handle enquires and advise you at all times. Fast email response times with live chat for instant communication and support.

Our Website

The best and most up to date website for ordering your number plates. That offers free advice, and makes the whole process of purchasing your number plates easy, efficient and stress free.

Online Designer

The best most intuitive designer on the market, that lets you create your number plates exactly as you require. With the largest selection of sizes, badges, fonts, colours and much more.


Over 15 years of manufacturing number plates.....and only number plates, that's all we do, we are not a one stop shop for everything, we focus our time on the core product which ensures our product is the best.


You will struggle to find a company more passionate about number plates than us. We are passionate about improving and evolving our number plates and accessories to offer our customers only the best.


Very few number plate manufacturers will guarantee their products, why? Because its not easy to make a good quality number plate, but we offer a 12 month guarantee which ensures peace of mind.

Competitive Pricing

We understand money can be tight, and its why we bring you the most competitive prices for the best quality goods. Not cheap, because cheap means poor quality, but fair pricing, and good value for money.


We are trusted not only by large companies who use us every day to supply their number plates and accessories, but also by the general public who trust and appreciate what we do and what we offer.

Expertise and Skill

We have a strong team of manufacturing staff, technical staff, designers, sales and support staff, and management with over 200 years combined experience in the number plate and motor industry.

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