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Carbon and Black Gel Resin 3D Number Plates
From £49.98 per set (25% OFF)

See our fantastic Carbon and Black Gel Resin 3D Number Plates. These digits are raised from the number plate surface and are the "Rolls Royce" of the number plate industry. They are road legal and can be made on the majority of number plate sizes, with all the usual options such as borders, footers, and badges.

We are the major supplier offering gel resin number plates and we are the only supplier offering this type of Gel Resin. If you are looking for the best quality finish, gel resin plates are a must they really do compliment any vehicle. Our photos and our online designer do not justify how good these plates really look, but we know that you will be delighted with the final product.

To order simply select the Gel Resin button on the left hand side of the Designer and then choose from either the UK Legal Carbon GEL RESIN font or UK Legal Black GEL RESIN font. The Black Gel Resin is the default selection on our designer, but also see our Carbon Gel Resin as well. All Gel Resin Plates are handcrafted and require more time to be manufactured, however we will try our best to dispatch your plates same day.

Note: There are some suppliers who offer thinner and cheaper Gel Resin Plates which are made with an acrylic resin rather than a polyurethane resin. Acrylic resin is more suited for indoor use and is not suitable for outdoor use, which is why all of our gel resin digits are made with the best quality 3M sourced polyurethane resin which comes with our 3 year warranty and guarantee.

Black Gel Resin Acrylic Number Plates A Set From £49.98
Carbon Gel Resin Acrylic Number Plates A Set From £49.98