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Accessories & Fixings:

We offer an extensive range of quality number plate accessories and fixings. These can be selected and ordered online in the checkout process. If you would like to order accessories and fixings without number plates, then please just simply click the link to the right. Please scroll down to ensure you see all of the accessories and fixings we offer.

£5.99 - Metallic Number Plate Holder --- 50% OFF --- WAS £11.98

Our number plate holders are good quality. They are primed and then painted in a metallic paint. We have an extensive range of 11 colours.

Number plates just simply slot into the holder and clip at the bottom. Please note two holders are required for a set of number plates, and fixings will be required to attach the holder to your vehicle.

The holder will take any standard oblong size number plate, ie:520mm x 111mm / 20.5in x 4.4in, which is the standard most common number plate size in the UK used by 98% of vehicles.


Only £5.99
Was £11.98

In Order of photo ( top to bottom & left to right)

Purple Metallic  
Green Metallic  
Black Metallic  
Grey Metallic  
Red Metallic  
Silver Metallic  
Blue Metallic  
Gold Metallic  
Pink Metallic  
White Metallic  
Copper Metallic  

£9.99 - The Ultimate Fixing Kit

Our ultimate fixing kit contains everything you will need to fit your number plates for just £9.99. The kit is extremely good value with over £20 worth of kit for just £9.99.

This kit contains:

3 Sticky Pad Kits
3 Screw Kits
4 Alcohol Isopropyl Cleaning Pads
1 HSS Pro 4.2mm Drill Bit
1 PZ2 ScrewDriver Bit

ultimate fixing kit
£5.99 - Bulk Value Fixing Kit

Our bulk fixing kit is extremely good value, only £5.99 for 4 kits which would usually cost £9.96.

This kit contains:

2 Sticky Pad Kits
2 Screw Kits

bulk fixing kit
£5.99 - Tamper Proof Security Screw Kit

Number plate theft is an increasing problem in the UK and something that we are dedicated to preventing. We have innovated our own tamper proof security screw kit which will deter theft and tampering of your number plates.

These tamper-proof security screws work like generic screws except they have a specific style head on them. To remove the screws you will need the specific tool which is included in the kit.

This kit contains:

4 Aircraft Grade Stainless Steel Tamper Proof Screws
6 Screw Caps, 2 White, 2 Black and 2 Yellow
1 Specific Allen Wrench
1 Specific Screw Driver Bit

security fixing kit
£2.49 - Screw Kit

We use the best quality zinc galvanised screws which do not rust or deteriorate. Our screws are also self-tapping for ease of fitting.

Our screw caps are not painted or coated, they are pre moulded and coloured plastic so will not deteriorate or discolour over time. They seal the screws and give the number plates a clean and sealed appearance.

The kit includes white and yellow caps for covering screws which cover the white or yellow reflective areas of your number plates, and black caps are also included in case the screw holes cover any number plate digits.

This kit contains:

4 Zinc Galvanised Screws
6 Screw Caps, 2 White, 2 Black and 2 Yellow

Screw Kit
£2.49 - Sticky Pad Kit

We offer the best quality performing number plate sticky pads on the market. These are the strongest pads you will find. One kit contains 6 sticky pads.

We recommend one kit per number plate (6 pads) which will ensure your number plates are kept secure on your vehicle at all times.

For gel resin number plates and also larger shaped plates we recommend applying 9-12 pads per plate (2 kits) to ensure that the number plate is fully secure at all times.

Please also see our Alcohol Isopropyl Cleaning Pads as these ensure the perfect adhesion of plate and vehicle.

This kit contains:

6 Sticky Pads

Sticky Pad Kit
£1.99 - HSS Pro 4.2mm Drill Bit

Here we have our HSS Pro 4.2mm Drill Bits which will be required when you wish to drill your number plates.

These are not only the perfect size for the screws that we offer, but these also have the correct drill tips and drill material to ensure your number plates are drilled correctly.

They have a universal shank so will fit all drills, only one is required and the drill bit can be kept and reused in future.

HSS Pro 4.2mm Drill Bit
£1.79 - Double Sided Suction Cups (Sold as a pair)

Our double-sided suction cups are fantastic for temporary adhesion of your number plates, either directly to your vehicle or over your existing number plate.

They easily and instantly adhere to most surfaces and can be easily removed without any residue left behind. They are also resistant to water, heat and many other influencing factors.

They are fantastic for photo shoots where the number plate only needs to be fixed for a short time. Also great for trade plates, car shows, showroom vehicles and many other examples.

We have tested the suction cups extensively and after 30 days the number plates where still visibly stuck to the vehicle in our showroom.

Sold as a pair, we recommend 2 pairs per plate (4 total).

suction cups
£0.99 - Sticky Pad Remover Tool

Our sticky pad remover tool is very simple but excellent at removing old sticky pad residue and foam left over from number plates which have been stuck on.

They are shaped and made in an acrylic material which is stubborn enough to remove old leftover pads and sticky pad residue, but will not remove paint or cause damage to your bodywork.

Please see our fitting page for guides and photos on how to remove old stubborn sticky pad foam and residue with our remover tool.

sticky pad scraper tool
£0.99 - PZ2 ScrewDriver Bit

Here we have our PZ2 screwdriver bits which are the correct size and fitment for screwing in your number plates. These ensure you do not round of the screws or have the incorrect size. Just 99p per bit and only one bit will be required and the bit can be kept and reused in future.

PZ2 ScrewDriver Bit
£0.69 - Alcohol Isopropyl Cleaning Pad

Our Isopropyl Alcohol Cleaning Pads are vital when using sticky pads to apply your new number plates. You will need to clean the area on your vehicle where the sticky pads are being applied and these do just that.

Our Isopropyl Alcohol Cleaning Pads will fully clean the area and remove any dirt, grease or debris to leave a clean pure finish ready for your new number plates to be applied.

These pads ensure that the number plates and pads get the best adhesion to ensure they are correctly fixed.

Our Isopropyl Alcohol Cleaning Pads are just 69p each and we recommend one wipe per plate. The wipes come in a handy disposable sachet.

Alcohol Isopropyl Cleaning Pad